Sunday, December 26, 2010

Chesney Dog Shots - 12-26-10

I had the opportunity to try out some new lighting equipment and chose a dog named Chesney as the subject for my shoot. I had seen her playing with a tennis ball earlier in the day and noticed how adorable she looked when holding the ball in her mouth. She's only about a year old and decidedly small for a Lab, only weighing 45 pounds, so she can't fit the whole ball in her mouth and chews on half of it with the other half out of her mouth. Unfortunately, dogs don't speak English, and therefore don't take direction very well. I did the best I could, however you'll notice there are no cute photographs of Chesney holding the tennis ball out of the side of her mouth. I hope you enjoy what I was able to capture and the new equipment worked well (small victory). Comments and questions are always welcome.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Hands 12/13/10

This is part of an ongoing project that I keep expanding upon. Someone once told me about how a person's hands tell as much about them as their clothes or the expressions on their faces. They show what type of life a person leads, whether or not they are married, if they are old or young. I'm working on a specific type of abstract portraiture that tells the story of a person or a family through their hands only. The below images are a couple I took while playing with some lighting and a black background. Stay tuned for more and as always comments or questions are welcome. Enjoy.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Price Family Photos 11/20/10

One of my brother-in-law's close friends lives with his wife and two children in Westchester County New York. I took the trip up from the city on Saturday to photograph them for their Christmas card. They have a beautiful backyard and I was able to spend time around the kids as they played together. One of the photographers I worked with at The News-Times in Danbury always spoke of being unobtrusive, or as she liked to put it, "shooting like a woman". I have always tried to incorporate this style into my photographs so that I'm able to record people without my presence affecting their behavior. I think the photographs below capture the Price family as they are without a photographer present and if so, I've been successful. I'll let you all be the judge however. Comments are always welcome. Enjoy and thanks to Chris and Sara.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Katie Headshots 10/30/10

My friend Katie is applying to graduate school for theater. She's got alot of talent and needed some headshots for her application and resume. I was able to help her out over the Halloween weekend and think we came up with some solid images. Good luck to Katie and I hope you all enjoy the photos. Comments or questions are welcome. Enjoy.

Monday, October 11, 2010

60th Birthdays and Scarlet and Gray

My parents are quintessential baby-boomers, both being born in 1950, and as such, 2010 has brought their 60th birthdays. My mom graduated from Ohio State in the 70s and has infused our family with her love of the Buckeyes. Over the weekend, my parents, sister and brother-in-law, and my girlfriend traveled to Columbus, OH to attend the Ohio State football game against Indiana as a celebration. I had an article and photographs published in the local newspaper chronicling my dads 60th birthday and although I'm not going that far for my mom, below are a couple of the photos from the weekend. I hope you all enjoy and as always, comments and questions are welcome.

Early morning walk to the stadium...

Trying on new clothes at the college bookstore...

The year my mom graduated...

Buckeye hat detail...

Entering the hallowed halls of the shoe...

Official attendance was 105,216...

My family cheers...

My mom cheers...

My mom sits outside of her sophomore dorm. Happy birthday.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Hunter- 8/29/10 - NYC

Jonathan is a good friend of mine from work and 8 months ago he and his wife, Tracy, gave birth to their first child, Hunter. During our daily commute I was talking to Jonathan about some business ideas that I had, namely the creation of documentary style candid portraits for families during their daily activities. The idea fell right in line with what he wanted for his family before Hunter celebrated his first birthday. So last weekend I met up with the three of them at their apartment and photographed their life and their son while they played together in the house and took a walk to central park. The images below are some of my favorites from the day. I'm hoping to continue this project during other events and for other families. Comments and questions are always welcome. Enjoy and thanks to Jonathan, Tracy and most specifically, Hunter, who may just be the happiest, most easy-going baby I've even met.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Shilana in Central Park

Saturday was a beautiful day in Central Park and I was lucky enough to have a friend agree to come work on some images with me. I am attempting to find my own style through my portraiture and have been getting out of the studio and trying to work on-location. This provides a very natural feel to the images and allows me to be creative within my surroundings. Shilana really is fantastic and I take my hat off to her every time she makes the hour and a half ride from Brooklyn. I hope the images we come up with are worth the trip. Take a look below and you can judge for yourself. Thanks for stopping by. All comments or questions are welcome.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Grandparents Day at the Beach

On Tuesday, August 10th I photographed my grandparents at the beach for an hour or so. They had flown from Arizona to spend time with my family during our vacation at Topsail Beach, North Carolina. The following pictures are from that day. Great memories to be shared. Thanks for talking a look and I hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Images from Topsail Island, North Carolina

I spent a couple of days at Topsail Beach in North Carolina this weekend relaxing with my family. I of course had the camera in tow. Here are a couple of the images that came out of those few days. I hope you enjoy and as always, let me know if there are any comments. Thanks for stopping by.