Saturday, May 1, 2010

1st Post - Recent Portrait Work

Hey everyone -
I thought I'd try my hand at this whole blogging thing. It's certainly easier than updating my personal portfolio website every time I shoot. Recently I've been trying to work more often and complete more personal projects. The few photos above are from models I solicited from Craigs List and worked with in my apartment/studio (about 220sq ft to work with, so we did our best). Over the three photo shoots I became surprisingly efficient in breaking down all my furniture and storing it in the corner of my room so we had space to work. Certainly a "ghetto studio" but we all start somewhere.

I have to give a big thanks to Jenna Lazzaro who did the makeup in all three shoots. Thanks for visiting.


  1. Jeff, great meeting you this past weekend. Wonderful shots of my kids wedding day. You and Britt take care. Harman Gilbert

  2. Hi Jeff--I joined your blog--like my picture--I'm pretty proud of myself--love your pictures as always

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