Friday, September 3, 2010

Hunter- 8/29/10 - NYC

Jonathan is a good friend of mine from work and 8 months ago he and his wife, Tracy, gave birth to their first child, Hunter. During our daily commute I was talking to Jonathan about some business ideas that I had, namely the creation of documentary style candid portraits for families during their daily activities. The idea fell right in line with what he wanted for his family before Hunter celebrated his first birthday. So last weekend I met up with the three of them at their apartment and photographed their life and their son while they played together in the house and took a walk to central park. The images below are some of my favorites from the day. I'm hoping to continue this project during other events and for other families. Comments and questions are always welcome. Enjoy and thanks to Jonathan, Tracy and most specifically, Hunter, who may just be the happiest, most easy-going baby I've even met.

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