Sunday, November 21, 2010

Price Family Photos 11/20/10

One of my brother-in-law's close friends lives with his wife and two children in Westchester County New York. I took the trip up from the city on Saturday to photograph them for their Christmas card. They have a beautiful backyard and I was able to spend time around the kids as they played together. One of the photographers I worked with at The News-Times in Danbury always spoke of being unobtrusive, or as she liked to put it, "shooting like a woman". I have always tried to incorporate this style into my photographs so that I'm able to record people without my presence affecting their behavior. I think the photographs below capture the Price family as they are without a photographer present and if so, I've been successful. I'll let you all be the judge however. Comments are always welcome. Enjoy and thanks to Chris and Sara.


  1. great stuff as usual! keep up the good work, my duder.

  2. Wonderful pictures Jeff! You did exactly what you set out to do,I really can't wait to see the rest! Thanks again! Sara and Chris