Sunday, December 26, 2010

Chesney Dog Shots - 12-26-10

I had the opportunity to try out some new lighting equipment and chose a dog named Chesney as the subject for my shoot. I had seen her playing with a tennis ball earlier in the day and noticed how adorable she looked when holding the ball in her mouth. She's only about a year old and decidedly small for a Lab, only weighing 45 pounds, so she can't fit the whole ball in her mouth and chews on half of it with the other half out of her mouth. Unfortunately, dogs don't speak English, and therefore don't take direction very well. I did the best I could, however you'll notice there are no cute photographs of Chesney holding the tennis ball out of the side of her mouth. I hope you enjoy what I was able to capture and the new equipment worked well (small victory). Comments and questions are always welcome.

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