Friday, January 21, 2011

Venice (digging up the arcives)

I've been trying to work through all my images from the past ten years (sadly I've lost digital files for a lot of early work) and organize them better in my computer archives. I came across some photographs taken while in Venice, Italy, when I was a senior at Ohio University and studying abroad. I think I've probably only shown these to three or four people before, so I thought I'd share on this snowy Friday morning. I hope you all enjoy.

AJ fights her way through the pigeons in Piazza San Marco.

View through the spotted window of the water taxi.

A canal as seen through the railing on a foot bridge.

The high tide mark is visible on a rotting door that leads only to the waterway.

Windows on the street.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Surf, Snow and Lighthouses - Montauk 1-16-11

My girlfriend, Britt, and I decided to get away from the city this weekend. We were planning on skiing but after thinking of the crowded east-coast mountains on holiday weekends decided against it. We got into the car and drove the length of Long Island out to Montauk, and specifically the lighthouse at the tip of the island. I've never been on a beach when there was snow on the ground, so this was a new experience. In reality, there wasn't much snow. There were however, some 8 ft tall reeds that served as a backdrop to some photos, and the previously mentioned lighthouse. The pictures below are from a fun and low key day of winter exploration. I hope you enjoy. Comments and questions, as always, are welcome.