Sunday, February 6, 2011

Images from Wandering - 2/6/11

I try to grab my camera and wander the streets of nyc as often as possible. You honestly can never predict what you'll encounter, who you'll meet or what images you will pass by. It seems every time I don't have a camera I'm wishing I did. The below images were taken during the last few months when I was lucky enough to have my equipment with me. I hope you enjoy.

Somewhere on the west side of Manhattan. This image reminds me of that American past-time of heading west into the unknown for adventure and fortune.

This is an image of an impromptu game of tag that broke out one weekend down on Wall Street, right outside of the Stock Exchange. The core group was inviting passers-by to join them and the game grew.

A Third Avenue doorway.

Detail of old records at an East Village music store.

After one of the large snowstorms we've been blessed with this 2011 winter, someone apparently lost a bag full of shoes.


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