Sunday, April 3, 2011

Aurora - Enviromental Portraits - 4/2/11

Meet Aurora.

This is the second in a series of environmental portraits meant to celebrate the girl next door, and how beautiful she is in her own surroundings. Emily was the first to pose for me, and she introduced me to Aurora who was also willing to sit for the project. Aurora works as a costume designer and splits her time between New York City and upstate. She was working on some gigantic wings for a client and was just finishing the project when I arrived. Feathers were everywhere.

I was able to capture some photos of her and her project and then some portraits. I'll look to post additional photos of her in the future on a new blog dedicated to this project. I hope you enjoy the theme and comments and questions are welcome.

This amazing old thread spool case with some of her materials in it.

Portrait while Aurora puts up her hair.

Aurora sitting in the downstairs section of the house in which she works, tape measure draped around her neck.

Great afternoon light. Cool shadows. Beautiful model. Nice image.